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Scleral Cover Shells

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Scleral Cover Shells
About Scleral Cover Shells

Some injuries and conditions affect the appearance of your eye without causing severe damage that requires surgery to remove the entire eye. In that case, you can fully restore your eye’s natural appearance with scleral cover shells created at United Ocular in Midvale, Utah. The skilled ocularists meticulously craft scleral cover shells to fit over your eye, ensuring the prosthesis is comfortable and natural-looking. Don’t wait to learn how scleral cover shells can improve your quality of life. Call the office or connect online to request an appointment today.

Scleral Cover Shells Q&A

What are scleral cover shells?

A scleral shell restores the natural appearance of a blind or injured eye. The thin shell fits over the eye, allowing your eyelid to open and close.

When would I need a scleral cover shell?

Your United Ocular provider may recommend a scleral shell to cover a blind eye or if you have one of the following:

Phthisis bulbi

Phthisis bulbi occurs after an injury or disease damages your eye. In most cases, scarring, inflammation, or limited blood flow causes your eye to soften, change shape, and possibly lose vision.

While the eye remains in its socket, it may shrink and develop a thickened and discolored cornea (the transparent layer covering your eye) or sclera (the white part of your eye). A scleral cover shell hides the injured eye, making it look natural and healthy.

Evisceration surgery

Evisceration surgery treats an eye injury, serious eye infection, phthisis bulbi, or painful blind eye. During the procedure, your surgeon removes the cornea (lens), iris (colored part of your eye), and the contents inside the eye (vitreous and retina), leaving the muscles and scleral shell.

They place a round implant inside the scleral shell to maintain the eye’s shape and cover your eye with a clear acrylic shell (conformer). After your eye heals, your United Ocular provider replaces the conformer with a scleral cover shell.

What happens when making a scleral cover shell?

Your United Ocular provider (ocularist) has extensive training and skills in fitting, fabricating, and painting scleral cover shells. As a result, your prosthesis is a perfect match for your natural eyes.

Your provider begins by taking an impression of your eye and using it to make a mold. Then, they use the mold to create a thin acrylic shell.

After carefully refining the shell’s shape, they paint it to resemble your eye. Your provider pays particular attention to the multiple colors in your iris and the shade of your sclera. They also add tiny blood vessels that naturally appear in your eyes.

Before leaving the office, your United Ocular provider provides the information and support needed to clean and maintain your scleral shell.

Call United Ocular today or book an appointment online to start the process of restoring your appearance.