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About United Ocular

Ocularist located in Salt Lake City, UT

United Ocular

Welcome to United Ocular

United Ocular provides dedicated care focused on fitting, creating, and maintaining eye prostheses at their welcoming office in Midvale, Utah. The exceptional team of ocularists welcomes people of all ages from the Salt Lake City region, where they ensure natural-looking and comfortable prostheses. 

The compassionate team understands the difficulty and trauma people face after losing an eye. The providers offer support services to help people adjust to losing one or both eyes and living with prosthetic replacements.

The United Ocular team restores appearances and rebuilds confidence with custom ocular prostheses and scleral cover shells. They ensure the perfect fit, delivering outstanding aesthetics that replicate your eye color and tone.

Each person receives ongoing prosthesis maintenance, including polishing and resurfacing along with refitting. The skilled ocularists also have extensive experience providing customized expansion conformers for their youngest patients.

The team carefully fabricates expansion conformers for babies and young children born without an eye or smaller-than-normal eyes. Working closely with parents, the United Ocular team monitors each baby’s health as they progress from an expansion conformer to a prosthetic eye.

The United Ocular team is committed to precision eye prostheses that restore their patient’s natural appearance and enhance their quality of life. They’re proud to be a trusted resource for prosthetic eyes in Salt Lake City and throughout Utah.

To learn more about their services, call the office today or request an appointment through online booking.